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JULY 2/4/7/9 2023


Tongeren is the oldest city in Belgium. As the oldest Holly Mary site on this side of the Alps, pilgrimages were organized here as early as the Middle Ages. When the statue of Our Lady "Cause of Our Joy" was crowned in 1890, the people of Tongeren decided to develop the pilgrimages into a seven-yearly Coronation Celebration. This tradition, recognized as intangible cultural heritage, is honoured to this day. In 2023, the Coronation celebrations will be organized for the nineteenth time. The highlight will take place during the week of July 2 to 9, with four processions and as many evening plays. The massive participation of the Tongeren population in procession and evening play, the numerous decorated streets, the Teseum - treasury of the basilica, the archaeological site under the basilica, and discovering Tongeren from the tower of the basilica, will undoubtedly make you want to come to Tongeren in 2023. We welcome you already !


Under the motto "many small ones make one big one" we invite you to join the "Friends of the Coronation 2023", by making a minimum monthly deposit of 5 euros. 5 euros per month is barely 16 cents per day or 1.12 euros per week. However, it does mean 60 euros per year. And that for several years,


You can become a member by giving a standing order to your banking institution to make a monthly deposit to the account number of the Friends of the Coronation IBAN : BE66 7453 3909 0043.

BIC : KREDBEBB. Together we can save a nice amount of money for the Coronation celebrations 2023.

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