Coronation film 2023 Procession + Evening Play - Kroningsfeesten Tongeren
JULY 2/4/7/9 2023

Coronation film 2023 Procession + Evening Game

Also this Coronation Edition there is a Coronation Film of the procession and the evening game. To do even more justice to the Coronation Procession, it has been commented on the basis of an interview by Rudi Moesen with Peter Bruggen of the Coronation Committee. The Coronation Procession is shown live in its entirety. The recordings took place on Sunday, July 2, 2023. A USB stick was chosen as the carrier so that the Coronation film can be played both on TV and on PC or tablet. This stick is located in a beautiful Coronation box.
Ordering can be done at 35 euros + €2 processing fee.


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