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Youth Days 2023

After a long countdown, we can once again look forward to the Coronation festivities of 2023, and this edition, too, the Coronation Youth provide a lavish program during the Coronation Week for young people from Tongeren and beyond.If, in addition to the processions and evening games, you would like to further soak up the Coronation atmosphere in the company of peers, be sure to check out what we have in [...] for you.

Torchlight procession in Tongeren in cooperation with IJD Hasselt

IJD Hasselt organizes an annual Torchlight Walk for confirmands and young people ages 12 and up. This year they are doing this in cooperation with the Coronation Youth. So be sure to come to Tongeren on Feb. 4 and show that as young people we want to be the fire and light for others. In communion with all people! Program 19h15: [...]

#connect with each other (Connection Day 1) - AFTERCASTED

The first liaison day is DONE. The coronation celebrations of 2023 may seem a long way off, but we could not contain our enthusiasm and are already starting our first connection day with the Coronation Youth on Tuesday, December 28, 2021! This connection day will be all about connecting with each other. Program: For whom. Everyone between 11 and [...]

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