Coronation Newsletter 12th - November 2022


Our seven-year celebrations are getting closer and closer. That is why our Coronation Secretariat was opened on November 2. Be sure to come and have a look. You can already buy grandstand and evening game tickets there. We would also like to invite you to the 4th lecture under our theme 1TP5Search connection on November 17. In October we went around our new deanery with the processional image. We met with street committees and recorded Coronation Songs. You can find an impression of this here. We wish you much reading pleasure.

Lecture Bahattin Koçak Nov. 17

Bahattin Koçak will give a lecture on "Seek connection with other religions and beliefs". This lecture is part of the 1TP5Search Connection theme lecture series,
Interfaith cooperation is one of Bahattin's hobbyhorses. 'You could call that my life purpose. I believe we can give a better future to our children if we are more in dialogue'.

Coronation Secretariat opened its doors

coronation secretariat 8
Since November 2, the Coronation Secretariat has been open . It is located in Via Julianus No. 5 in the immediate vicinity of Tourism Tongeren. You are welcome there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 12 to 6 pm. Thursday from 8 to 12 and from 4 to 6 pm, Friday from 4 to 6 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon and on shopping Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. You can reach us by phone on 012 /800 250, and by e-mail on

Recordings Coronation Songs

During the month of October several Coronation Songs were recorded in the Basilica, including the new Coronation Song. Thanks to the choirs Kleine Cantorij, Val-se -Meere-els, Cantemus, Basikliekje, children's choir of Kortessem, organists and musicians and to Jos Bielen music director and recording engineer. You can watch and listen to an impression of these recordings via this link click here

Do you already have a Coronation flag or extra-long flag?

flag new 2023
A new Coronation year presupposes a new Coronation Flag. That is the Tongres tradition ! Actually, we can offer you three flags to decorate the Greater Tongres streets and squares. There is the extra long flag for on apartment buildings and further the small and large flag. You can already buy them at the following addresses

Roger Swerts : "Wôïet" 't és veur de Kroning

11 a Roger Swerts half page
For decades, Roger Swerts, together with the other Bjètels, has provided dazzling shows in our beautiful Tongers dialect. This year, after two years of corona silence, he is coming to the Velinx with a solo show. A brand new show, but with the known and tasted ingredients. In the new songs and conferences there is of course attention for corona, for the merger and for everything that goes on in the first

Successful tour of OLV in new deanery

From the last Sunday in September through Oct. 23, the processional statue Our Lady Cause of Our Joy visited a Sunday church within the new deanery of Tongeren every weekend. Everywhere had worked hard to give Mary a beautifully decorated place. Bilzen Centrum was allowed to kick off. A beautiful occasional chapel was set up in the space under the tower. In Hoeselt-Centre, there was a beautiful welcome moment, with a different person each time.

Stand and evening game tickets are already there

evening game chairs
As in 2016, a grandstand will be placed on the Leopold Wall in 2023. Those who want to attend the procession in comfort can already buy tickets for this now. The evening play will also be free of charge. We do foresee some seats. You can also buy tickets for this now. How?
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