Coronation Newsletter 07 - March 2022


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Welcome to our 7th Coronation Newsletter. A lot has happened since our last newsletter last December. In this newsletter, we call special attention to the start of our Lecture Series next week, March 10. These lectures are in the context of the Coronation Theme 2023 #Search Connection. More than ever, our theme seems very topical against a background of pandemic and the pressure on world peace. Furthermore, we tell you more about the ins and outs of the procession groups, talk about the launch of the Coronation Street Committees and inform you about the pilgrimage to Mary on May 21. We wish you much reading pleasure.

Peter Adriaenssens on March 10, 8 p.m.

Peter Adriaenssens
# search connection wants to be a call to transcend our individual "I," strengthen our connection with others and the Other, and work together to create a world in which we can once again truly meet and be connected.
Five speakers will be invited as part of a lecture series in order to highlight the different angles of this theme in greater depth. These lectures will take place in VIIO Tongeren and are free of charge. On Thursday evening, March 10, Peter Adriaenssens will speak about #aking connection with yourself, your family and your family

News from the Coronation Procession Groups

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Notwithstanding the obstacles of corona, the group leaders of the Coronation Procession have been working hard in recent months. This became very clear when the Coronation Committee had individual meetings with a delegation from each group leadership last February. Did you know that in the meantime we have already well passed the cape of

Coronation street committees meet on March 30

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Kroningsfeesten without decorated streets does not exist ! Every seven years the Coronation Street Committees are revived. In 2016, we counted 36 committees that decorated more than 50 streets. Their commitment and involvement in the Kroningsfeesten is crucial. It is our wish that as many streets and village squares as possible be decorated at Coronation 2023. Commitment, creativity and togetherness, including across streets, are the foundations to make this happen. We expect all street committees, including new committees, for an information meeting on Wednesday, March 30 at 8 p.m. in the ballroom of VIIO Tongeren, Sint-Truidersteenweg 17. You will get the scoop of the new Coronation Flag !

Pilgrimage to Mary on May 21, 2022

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Tongeren is known not only as the "oldest or first city of Belgium" but also as the first Marian site north of the Alps. For centuries pilgrims have come to Tongeren to honor Mary. At the Kroningsfeesten in 2009, the initiative was taken to revive the "pilgrimage to Mary. At the close of the Kroningsfeesten, the day of the Light Procession, a pilgrimage was organized during the day from Maastricht. Thus the link was made
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