Coronation Newsletter 04 - 2021


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Welcome to our 3rd Coronation Newsletter. The first few months of 2021 were also hampered by corona in our preparations. But we are not staying put. You can ascertain that with this Coronation Newsletter. That said, we are really looking forward to getting back together physically planning and working on preparations. Hopefully that will be possible soon. We wish you a blissful Easter, happy Easter days and much reading pleasure.

Easter celebration from Basilica on TVL

The corona - measures do not allow celebrating Eucharist together at Easter this year either. Only 15 attendees were allowed. The Eucharist celebration at 10 a.m. in the Basilica at which Monsignor Patrick Hoogmartens will preside will be broadcast live on TV Limburg. So we will be able to celebrate Easter together, albeit digitally. Special to mention : Possibly this Easter celebration will take place in the Romanesque cloister.

Join the Coronation Procession

In times of corona, the Coronation website is helpful to coronaproof you to sign up for one of the procession groups of your choice. Don't wait for board members of a procession group to come to you. Take the initiative yourself and sign up. Already more than 600 new participants have gone before you. On the page processional groups you will find an overview of all groups. Per procession group you can click through for more information about the chosen group. You will not only find more explanations and pictures, but ...

Coronation on radio BOO

Starting Monday, April 5, radio BOO, the radio for South-East Limburg, will pay fortnightly attention to the preparations for the seven-year Kroningsfeesten. On the first and third Monday and Tuesday of the month you can listen to an interview about the preparations. On Monday evening the interview can be heard at 20.45 in Chris Geerts' program, and on

Fioretti seeks employees

It is a tradition that during the Coronation celebrations in the Tongers Beguinage, the merry folk play Fioretti is performed. This open-air spectacle deals with the fortunes of Friar Juniperus, disciple of St. Francis. The Fioretti it was first performed at the 1981 Coronation. So we now count the 7th edition at the following Kroningsfeesten

Coronation in pictures

DVD in basilica
Since March, a Coronation Corner has been set up in the Basilica. Visitors and tourists can get to know or reminisce about the Coronation Procession and the 2016 Coronation Night Game. These DVD images are enjoying great success. If these images make you want to participate yourself, you can register on site with a Coronation Group of your choice. You will also find the new Coronation sticker. The first batch

Thanks to the group leaders

Easter action
The group leaders of our procession groups are busy preparing. This in circumstances we are not used to. Phone, email, whatsApp, teams, zoom and other types of digital contacts are no longer foreign to them. The Coronation Committee greatly appreciates this. Therefore, on the occasion of Easter, we delivered a small tasty gift to each board member, via the presidents of the procession groups. See also first photo. In this way we want to give them a heart for all their valued efforts....
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