Coronation Newsletter 20- month of June 2023

The stage is set - the Coronation is coming up

On June 6, construction of the stage began. Friday, June 16, there was the first rehearsal of the evening play. Next Friday, June 23, there will be the dress rehearsal for the procession. Things are moving fast now. Coronation week from July 2 to 9 is coming up. You notice it in everything: the groups are practicing more and more, street decorations are popping up like mushrooms, houses are getting an extra coat of paint and streets a layer of asphalt. With this newsletter we take you through these preparations, but we also want to give you a taste of what is to come. Enjoy reading and also watching this 20th Coronation Newsletter.

Program and info

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If you want to know what's on each day of Coronation Week, or are looking for info on traffic, parking, course, ordering tickets, ... then you should go to "Coronation Week 2023" on our website Click on the day of your choice and you have all the info. Here is already the link

Coronation theme song

Saturday evening, May 6, the opening concert of the Coronation festivities took place in the Our Lady Basilica. During this concert the Coronation theme song "Oh Mary, dear lady" was performed for the first time. A special feature here is that the accompaniment provides not only organ but also carillon or tubular bells. Would you like to listen to the new Coronation hymn?

The Fioretti - folk game in the Beguinage

"Under the Lime" a folk play entitled "The Fioretti" is performed by the inhabitants of the Beguinage. This open-air play deals with the life of Friar Juniperus, disciple of Francis of Assissi. At its center are several scenes from the well-known collection of legends called the Fioretti, which aptly outlines medieval folk beliefs. The play is in direct

Coronation film 2023: procession + evening game

Coronation film
Also this edition there will be a Coronation film about the procession as well as the evening game. The filming will take place on Sunday, July 2, 2023. Carrier of the film this time is a USB stick so that the Coronation film can be played on TV as well as on PC or tablet. You can pre-order the Coronation 2023 film now.

Leen Dendievel on Coronation Youth Day July 5

Leen Dendievel-1920
Wednesday evening, July 5, at 9 p.m., Leen Dendievel comes to Concordia Hall. Leen is not only an actress, known from theater and television, but also a writer. Her latest bestseller "Letter to My Child" is the basis for this lecture. This little book deals with love, fear or farewell, everything that happens in life. Say Life Lessons. Adults are also welcome to attend. Leen invites you personally click below. You can register via the webpage of the youth click here

TNT plays Joan of Arc

JeanneDarc_Poster 2
The Tongers New Theater (TNT) has already established quite a tradition of making its own contribution to this fine tradition that captivates Tongeren every seven years during the Kroningsfeesten. In 2023, the City of Tongeren and the Gallo-Roman Museum will once again give TNT the opportunity to perform Joan of Arc in the museum. Heroic, divine, fearless; the immortal Joan of Arc rises like a phoenix from her

Coronation package hits the mark

If you want to experience Coronation Day in optimal conditions, then a Coronation Package is definitely for you. We note that there is a great deal of interest. The Coronation Package for Sunday, July 2 is already fully booked. The arrangement guarantees a beautiful Coronation Day. You can still make reservations for July 4, 7 and 9. Find out more

Stand tickets and evening game tickets

Those who wish to comfortably attend the procession on a grandstand on the Leopold Wall can purchase tickets for this purpose. They are reserved, numbered seats. The price for a grandstand seat is 15 euros. We also provide some seats for the evening game. You can buy tickets for this as well. The price for a seat is 18 euros.

Coronation in pictures

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TV-Limburg is running several reports on Coronation 2023 this month via Hallo Limburg. Numerous processional groups are posting short videos on social media. Recently, the 5th Coronation magazine was published and distributed door-to-door by many helping hands. Curious about the content and the various reports? Click below.
What about the picture on the right? Well those are ladies from the Way of the Cross meeting. Eating ice cream together after rehearsal, that too is Coronation!

Trailer for the Kroningsfeesten

Coronation film
TV-Limburg made a trailer for the Kroningsfeesten. Say it's a tastemaker. You can watch the trailer below. Be sure to send a link to your friends and acquaintances to invite them to the Kroningsfeesten and share this clip on social media.
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