Coronation Newsletter 18 - May 2023

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It's May and that's when Mary is put in flowers. In Tongeren we do that literally, especially in a Coronation year. Mary was of course central to the 866 children's drawings we received in response to our competition. On Saturday, May 6, there will be the opening concert of the Kroningsfeesten with Marian works as well as the first performance of the Coronation 2023 theme song. The long preparations in silence are gradually becoming visible. Street committees are eager to come out. A temporary Marian chapel now stands in front of the Coronation Secretariat. And there is so much more. You can read about it in our newsletter. Happy reading.

866 children's drawings

drawing 1
The Coronation Drawing Contest for youth ages 6 to 12 was a great success. No less than 866 drawings were sent in. If you are curious about what was drawn, we have some tips. You can admire all the drawings from the comfort of your couch via

May 6 Opening Concert Kroningsfeesten

Saturday evening, May 6, at 8 p.m. in Our Lady of the Basilica, the opening concert of the 19th edition of the seven-yearly Kroningsfeesten will take place. During this concert there will be the world creation of the Coronation Song "Oh Mary, dear lady" which was specially written in the context of the theme of this Kroningsfeesten : #Search connection. Tickets for this concert can be obtained from

Marian chapel and Marian houses walk

Tongres graffiti artist Flipka, together with enthusiastic Tongres, is realizing the project Mary's Houses. Central to the project is a temporary chapel made from reclaimed materials. You can already admire this temporary chapel. It is located at the Coronation Secretariat, Via Julianus 5, on the Schiervelstraat. Through 2 workshops Maria houses will be decorated with graffiti. These Maria houses will pop up everywhere inTongeren in the coming weeks and form the thread for a walk

Coronation Youth Day July 5 & 6

FB square 2023 youth
The coronation is there for both young and old. Yet there is one day in Coronation Week that we want to experience especially together with young people from Tongeren, Limburg and beyond.
Youth Day will take place on Wednesday, July 5 and Thursday, July 6. Like the coronation festivities, this day will also be dedicated to # search connection. The youth put together both a day and evening program. Curious to know what to expect ...

The Coronation Package : something for you

If you want to experience Coronation Day in optimal conditions, then a Coronation Package is definitely for you. We note that there is a great deal of interest. The Coronation Package for Sunday, July 2 is already fully booked. The package is therefore not only interesting for the business community, but certainly also for Greater Tongans who wish to invite family, friends or acquaintances on the Kroningsfeesten. For those who join the procession, it is an ideal formula to ensure that their guests are well taken care of. The arrangement therefore guarantees a beautiful Coronation Day.

Podcast about the Kroningsfeesten

Kerknet has undertaken a number of initiatives to highlight the Kroningsfeesten. For example, Kerknet has created a podcast about the Kroningsfeesten. In this podcast, Peter Bruggen, secretary of the Coronation Committee, talks about the fascinating history of Mary's place in Tongeren and the whole Meuse and Rhine region. you can listen to this podcast on our website. You can find it by

Stand tickets and evening game tickets

triib 10
Those who wish to comfortably attend the procession on a grandstand on the Leopold Wall can purchase tickets for this purpose. They are reserved, numbered seats. The price for a grandstand seat is 15 euros. We also provide some seats for the evening game. You can buy tickets for this as well. The price for a seat is 18 euros.

Exiled Tongans were in Tongeren

Saturday, April 22, was the day. About 80 expatriate Tongans accepted our invitation. From everywhere they came : close by from Borgloon, Hasselt, or Genk. From the province of Antwerp from Brecht, Kalmthout or Mechelen. From Brussels or Edegem. Even from East Flanders (Dendermonde or Zottegem ) and from the little sea in Oostduinkerke. Even from Harderwijk (Netherlands) people came back to Tongeren. At 1:30 p.m. Coronation Committee Chairman Peter Severijns welcomed everyone. First alderman An Christiaens was allowed to speak before the city council: Tongeren

Don't forget your Coronation Flag

The street committees are eager to come out with their decorations. Saturday, the committee of Vrijthof - Piepelpoel - Ridderstraat - Predikherenstraat hung the flags in the streets. And then you can see that our Coronation flag is really beautiful. Saturday was still drizzling, but Sunday the Coronation flags sparkled in the sun. Two colors dominate the Coronation Flag : the color gold, it sparkles, is festive and radiates warmth and security. In turn, the color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, faith, truth and heaven. The flag is finished with attachments

Wanted men with Coronation beards

Just like 7 years ago, Tongeren portrait photographer Bert Daenen is planning an expo on Tongeren's Coronation beards, "barba coronium.
For this he is looking for about 40 Tongans with Coronation beards. During Coronation Week, the portraits will be exhibited in the Ursula Chapel. If you have a Coronation Beard and would like to participate - please send an email with your name and phone number to:
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