Coronation newsletter October 2020

New Coronation website


Welcome to our first Coronation Newsletter in preparation for the Kroningsfeesten 2023.

With this newsletter we want to keep you informed about the latest news. You will find this newsletter regularly in your mailbox. But do not hesitate to check out our website regularly Our website has been redesigned. You will find a lot of info about the Kroningsfeesten in general and the Kroningsfeesten 2023 in particular.

Group leadership meeting

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Thursday evening, Oct. 1, the group leaders of the Coronation Procession groups met. To keep it coronaproof, the board members who had very well turned up were divided into two rooms where a similar agenda was completed.

First youth meeting


The youth have started preparations! Saturday, Oct. 18, was their first (coronaproof) meeting leading up to Coronation 23.

New Coronation Theme

search connection

1TP6Search Connection wants to be a call to transcend our individual "I," to strengthen our connection with others and the Other, and to work together for a world in which we can once again truly meet and be connected.

Do you already have a Coronation sticker


The new coronation sticker was presented at the meeting with the group leaders. You can find this sticker at several stores in Tongeren. Place this sticker on car, bike, bag, ... and thus make the dates July 2 - 4 - 7 - 9, 2023 widely known.

New Coronation Prayer


With a new Coronation theme comes a new Coronation Prayer. In the Coronation Prayer, the theme 1TP6Search connection is the common thread. The prayer is by the hand of the new dean of the new deanery of Tongeren E.H. Eric Reynders.


Monthly minimum 5 euros deposit, means 60 euros per year. And that over several years means a nice support.

You can become a member by giving a standing order to your banking institution to make a monthly deposit to the account number of the Friends of the Coronation IBAN : BE66 7453 3909 0043.

BIC : KREDBEBB. Together we can save a nice amount of money for the Coronation celebrations 2023.

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