Coronation Newsletter 23 - month of August 2023

One month later

It is almost unbelievable. It has already been a month since the first Coronation Procession Day. In this newsletter we continue to reminisce about the last Coronation Sunday which was special after all. If you would like to see the procession or the evening play again, be sure to read about the Coronation film. We also take a quick look ahead to Sept. 23 when we close the Coronation year. For those who love flowers, we have another tip for Aug. 7. And then there is our question and invitation: will you become a friend of Coronation 2030? Enjoy reading and watching.

A retrospect : July 9 the last Coronation Day

end in basilica
Our last newsletter was dated Sunday morning, July 9. The final Coronation Day had yet to begin then. It became another exciting day because the weather forecast for our country was not too good. And that is putting it mildly, when one talks about hail the size of ping-pong balls. Several organizations cancelled their activities. But in Tongeren there was full confidence

Coronation film 2023: procession + evening game

Coronation film
This edition also features a Coronation film about the procession as well as the evening game. The filming took place on Sunday, July 2, 2023. Carrier of the film this time is a USB stick so that the Coronation film can be played on TV as well as on PC or tablet. You can buy this Coronation film at the Coronation Secretariat, but also via our webshop or by bank transfer.

Would you like a plant from the Basilica decoration?

Because many plants need re-watering, the Coronation decorations in the basilica will be taken down in early August. Provided proper treatment, many of these plants can last for quite some time. Therefore, we would like to offer these plants to enthusiasts for a free contribution. Thus

Sept. 23 Procession of Lights - closure Coronation 2023

Saturday evening, Sept. 23, 2023, at the conclusion of the 19th seven-year Kroningsfeesten, a Procession of Lights will pass through the streets of Tongres. After a moment of prayer at 8 p.m. in the Basilica, at 8:30 p.m., everyone is invited to participate in this Procession of Light. Each participant will receive a candle. In plain clothes, we will step up around the statue of grace of Our Lady. Coronation hymns will again resound through the streets of Tongeren, reminding us of the procession groups that so beautifully shaped the life of Mary and her son Jesus in the 4 Coronation Processions and evening plays.

Will you become a Friend of Coronation 2030?

Friends of the Coronation
Organizing Kroningsfeesten is only possible when many people join hands. There is also a need for sufficient financial resources. This is why the Coronation Committee started the "Friends of the Coronation" a few Coronation editions ago. Under the motto "many little ones make one big" we invite everyone to join the "Friends of the Coronation 2030". Joining can be done by depositing a minimum of 7 euros per month. 7 euros per month is

Pilgrimage to Tongeren : Sept. 23

CollaerPelgrimage 11 (Large)
On the last Saturday of May, there are annual pilgrimages to the "Cause of Our Joy" in Tongeren. In a Coronation year, this pilgrimage takes place on the closing day of the Kroningsfeesten. This year on Sept. 23. That day you can participate in the Jeker valley pilgrimage or the partner walk "Tongeren at its most beautiful."

Flemish masters in place

Flemish masters
On July 13, 'Flemish masters in their place' was presented in the cloister of the Basilica of Our Lady. Public Art Property Flanders and Tourism Flanders want to introduce visitors from Flanders and far beyond to hidden pearls of Flemish masters in special places in Flanders and Brussels. No fewer than 75 sites spread throughout Flanders are participating. Five of these are located in Tongeren. One of these is the statue of grace of Our -Lady Cause of Our Joy which has had its place in the Basilica since 1479. More information about the 5 sites in Tongeren can be found at here.
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