Coronation Newsletter 13 - December 2022


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With this newsletter, we want to inform you one (last) time this year, about the goings-on at the Kroningsfeesten, before we step into Coronation Year 2023. Here you will learn more about the opening of our Coronation Secretariat. We help you find an appropriate Christmas gift. We'll tell you more about the Coronation stamp, the peace light and Roger Swerts' performance to benefit the Coronation. And we are already looking forward to February 4, when the Coronation Youth together with IJD Limburg organize a Torchlight Walk. We wish you much reading pleasure. And oh yes, ... the photo to the right gives a view of the nativity scene in the basilica. If you want to see more pictures, well

A Coronation Christmas Gift

Christmas atmosphere
Every year during the Advent season, gift fever rises. What would I buy for family or friends? How can I be original? Well then we have a good suggestion : have you already thought about a Coronation Christmas gift? You only have this opportunity once every seven years, and it is this year. A grandstand ticket or an evening game ticket or

Coronation secretariat officially opened

221130 opening secretariat
On Tuesday, November 29, the secretariat, located in Via Julianus and close to Tourism Tongeren, was officially opened. Marc, Our Coronation Coordinator has been keeping the secretariat open since November 2. The teething problems are now out of the way, everything is in place and visitors can get to know or reminisce about the Coronation Procession or evening game of 2016 on a large screen. Time for an official opening. The major newspapers, radio and TV were present.

Feb. 4 : torchlight procession for young people ages 12 and up

torchlight procession 5
The Coronation Youth bring the 25th edition of the Torchlight Walk to Tongeren and this on Feb. 4, the Saturday after the feast of Candlemas. The Coronation theme 1TP6Search connection is also the common thread here. Seeking connection between individuals and communities. "Speaking with Fire" will be the title of the Torchlight Walk. By Fire

Order your Coronation flag or extra long flag in a timely manner

flag new 2023
A new Coronation year presupposes a new Coronation Flag. That is the Tongres tradition ! Actually, we can offer you three flags to decorate the Greater Tongres streets and squares. There is the extra long flag for on apartment buildings and further the small and large flag. You can already buy them at the following addresses

Roger Swerts : "Wôïet" 't és veur de Kroning

11 a Roger Swerts half page
For decades, Roger Swerts, together with the other Bjètels, has provided dazzling shows in our beautiful Tongers dialect. This year, after two years of corona silence, he is coming to the Velinx with a solo show. A brand new show, but with the known and tasted ingredients. In the new songs and conferences there is of course attention for corona, for the merger and for everything that goes on in the first

Coronation stamp

Coronation stamp sheet
The Royal Stamp Club Ambiorix , which will be 95 years young next year, will also issue a Coronation stamp and deluxe sheet this Coronation edition. Both can be obtained at the Coronation Secretariat, Julianus 5, near Tourism Tongeren.

Tongeren spreads peace light throughout Limburg

peace light
Every year at the beginning of December, a child ignites the Peace Light in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Then this light travels by plane to Austria without extinguishing the flame. Then people pass the light to each other all over Europe and meanwhile far beyond. For the fifth year in a row, the Peace Light is brought from Bethlehem to the Basilica of Tongeren. The Friends of the Nativity will fetch the Peace Light next Sunday, December 11, at St. Joseph's Church in Eupen. On Dec. 14 at 3 p.m., Bishop, Patrick Hoogmartens, will pass the Peace Light to the deaneries of our diocese in Tongeren Basilica. Saturday evening, December 17
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