Coronation newsletter 10th - July 2022


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Welcome to our 10th Coronation Newsletter. Not coincidentally, this one appears during the week of July 3 to 10. In other words, we are now just under one year from Coronation Week from July 2 to July 9, 2023. Things are moving fast. In this newsletter you will notice that the Coronation preparations are becoming more and more concrete. From now on, the promotion for the Coronation will focus more and more on outside Greater Tongres. Social media can play a role in this. We are also counting on you to share our messages and to be part of the ambassadors of the celebration that every inhabitant of Greater Tongres has been looking forward to for seven years.
We wish you much reading pleasure.

Group leadership meeting June 1, 2022

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On Wednesday, June 1, the board members of the Coronation Procession Groups gathered in VIIO Tongeren. Before entering the vacation months we wanted to take stock of the situation and look ahead to our last year of preparation. In the first part of the evening a report was given about the

News from the Coronation preparations

did you know that
Did you know that
* Ferm Locks went on a pilgrimage to Scherpenheuvel during the May month and sang the Tongers OLV song in the Scherpenheuvel Basilica.
* the Lourdes Cave on Sports Square Street will experience its 7th coronation celebration.
* the statue of Bernadette will look completely new on that occasion.
* the Coronation Street Committee of Momber Street is organizing a barbecue on Aug. 20 at St. John's Hall to get pennies in the bucket.

Can I still participate in the Coronation Procession

At the meeting of the group leaders, we received a lot of positive news from the procession groups. We already count 2,700 participants. That's 150 more than at the same time when preparing for Coronation 2016. You can certainly still join some of the groups. Hereby you will find

The new Coronation flag(s)

A new Coronation year presupposes a new Coronation Flag. That is the Tongan tradition! The Coronation Flag 2023 is a gem. It is a flag in which Mary, in connection with the Child Jesus, takes center stage. Actually, we can offer you three flags to line the Greater Tongres streets and squares.

Are you already following us on social media

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Are you already following us on
Social media is taking an increasingly large and prominent role in our society these days. And that, of course, is not for

Tour Processionary statue in deanery of Tongeren

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A few years ago the deanery of Tongeren expanded. In addition to Greater Tongeren, the deanery now includes : Hoeselt, Bilzen, Riemst and Voeren. We would also like to involve the residents of these municipalities in the Kroningsfeesten. Therefore, this fall there will be a tour with the Procession statue of Our Lady Cause of Our Joy along the Sunday churches of the above mentioned communities. Herewith the calendar for the procession in the Sunday churches of the deanery of Tongeren.

Thanks to the beggars of the Coronation Magazines

info2 d
During the first weeks of the month of May, Coronation Magazine 2 was distributed by more than 140 volunteers in Greater Tongres. These volunteers were invited to a moment of thanks on April 21. This is appropriate because they have committed to begging all 6 Coronation Magazines in Greater Tongres. At the April meeting, they all received fluorescent vests to safely beg for the magazines. These fluorescent vests also feature the Coronation logo. This way they can also advertise the Coronation. Great anyway! Should you have
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