Coronation Newsletter 15 - February 2023


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In this newsletter we want to tell you more about the procession statue tour in Greater Tongres which will start Sunday, February 26. The children can still bring in their drawings for the Coronation drawing competition until March 12. Will you participate in our new project : Mary's Houses? Our youngsters have their program ready for July 5 and 6. And another recommendation : Thursday, March 16, there will be an interesting lecture in the basilica about the relics, unique heritage. So a lot of news. Enjoy reading.

Tour of processional statue starts on Feb. 26

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On Sunday, Feb. 26, the procession statue's tour of all the villages and parishes of Greater Tongres will begin. The residential care centers, the Clares and the Vesalius Hospital will also be visited. A short procession will be provided in several places. On March 24, the processional statue will return to the basilica. If you want to know when the processional statue will come to your, village, parish click on the link below.

Coronation drawing contest for 6 to 12-year-olds

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The Coronation Drawing Competition aims to make the Kroningsfeesten known to the children of South Limburg and to learn from them how they experience the Kroningsfeesten. Participants will be divided into 2 age categories: 6 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. Be sure to have your drawing in at the Coronation Secretariat by March 12. Find more info at the link below.

The Coronation Package : something for you

If you want to experience Coronation Day in optimal conditions, then a Coronation Package is definitely for you. From previous editions, we learned that not only the business community responded to this package, but certainly also Greater Tongans who want to invite family, friends or acquaintances to the Kroningsfeesten. For those who join the procession, it is an ideal formula to ensure that their guests are well taken care of. The arrangement therefore guarantees a beautiful Coronation Day.

Relics : Unique heritage rediscovered- March 16

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Together with Jeroen Reyniers, on March 16 at 8 p.m. in the Basilica, dive into the world of saints and their relics. You will discover what relics are, whether they still exist today and what special examples are hidden in the reliquaries of Tongeren. Tongeren's seven-year Kroningsfeesten originated around that great appreciation and importance of relic veneration. The Shrine Pilgrimages of those days, are today

Coronation Youth Day July 5 & 6

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The coronation is there for both young and old. Yet there is one day in Coronation Week that we want to experience especially together with young people from Tongeren, Limburg and beyond.
Youth Day will take place on Wednesday, July 5 and Thursday, July 6. Like the coronation festivities, this day will also be dedicated to # search connection. The youth put together both a day and evening program. Curious to know what to expect ...

Exiled Tongenaar : will you also come on April 22

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, we are organizing the Day of Deported Tongans. Participants will be received in the early afternoon at De Velinx. After a reception, we will visit our Coronation Secretariat, and there will be an exclusive tour of the base site. Afterwards, there will be a 5 o'clock. We will be sending out invitations soon. If you have not yet submitted your name, be sure to do so using the form on our website click here or at
You will then definitely receive and invitation.

How do I order grandstand tickets and evening game tickets?

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As in 2016, a grandstand will be placed on the Leopold Wall in 2023. Those who wish to attend the procession in comfort can purchase tickets for it. They are reserved, numbered seats. The price for a grandstand seat is 15 euros. The evening play is free to attend. We do provide some seating. You can buy tickets for this as well. The price for a seat is 18 euros.

Maria houses project : do you participate ?

Tongres graffiti artist Flipka (Philippe Vroonen), together with enthusiastic Tongres, wants to realize the project Mary's Houses as part of the Coronation theme #Search connection. Central to the project is a temporary chapel made from reclaimed materials. On Saturdays April 29 and May 6 in the afternoon, a workshop for 20 people each will be held at the chapel. Each participant will then receive a small Marian house that will be
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