Coronation Newsletter 14 - January 2023


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With the onslaught of winter, we would almost forget that we are already almost one month into the Coronation year. Consequently, preparations are in full swing. Even the scaffolding around the basilica is being quietly removed. In this newsletter we tell you more about the final lecture on the Coronation theme 1TP6Search connection next Thursday, and the torchlight procession of young people on February 4. You will learn more about the goings-on of the procession groups. We inform you about the Coronation Drawing Competition for children ages 6 to 12. And we also look ahead to the procession statue tour and the day of the expatriated Tongans. In short, there is again a lot of Coronation News waiting for you. Happy reading.

Rik Pinxten : 1TP5Finding connection with other cultures

5 e Rik Pinxxten
The lecture series regarding the coronation theme #Search Connection will be held on Thursday, Jan. 26 concluded with a speaker of note : Rik Pinxten, Flanders' best-known cultural anthropologist. He taught several anthropology lectures at Ghent University and gave his students new ideas about diverse cultures, identity and religion. He is the perfect speaker within the perspective of the theme 'connection with

Coronation drawing contest for 6 to 12-year-olds

10 drawing 2
The Coronation Drawing Competition aims to make the Kroningsfeesten known to the children of South Limburg and to learn from them how they experience the Kroningsfeesten. Participants will be divided into 2 age categories: 6 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. The young participants will be asked to create a fun Coronation drawing on A4 size (29.7 cm x 21 cm). Leave a margin of 1.5 cm all around. You may choose freely with

Feb. 4 : torchlight procession for young people ages 12 and up

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The Coronation Youth bring the 25th edition of the Torchlight Walk to Tongeren and this on Feb. 4, the Saturday after the feast of Candlemas. The Coronation theme 1TP6Search connection is also the common thread here. Seeking connection between individuals and communities. By carrying the fire around, we show the light that lives within us and open ourselves to connect with each other.

Do you have your Coronation flag yet?

flag new 2023
A new Coronation year presupposes a new Coronation flag. That is the Tongres tradition ! Actually, we can offer you three flags to decorate the Greater Tongres streets and squares. There is the extra long flag to be attached to apartment buildings and also the small and large flag. You can buy them at the following addresses

News from the processional groups

did you know that
- the Edelknapen group is the oldest group in the procession, but the youngest in age.
- this group is still looking for about 15 young people with ages between 5 and 15.
- the board is making extra efforts to properly accommodate these boys so that parents can feel free to join another group.
- the Edelknapen, also known as pagekes, will give a New Year's concert at the basilica on Jan. 29 under the title "the pagekes in new." The Brass Band Haspengouw will be there

Day of the expatriated Tongans April 22

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, we are organizing the Day of Deported Tongans. Participants will be received in the early afternoon at De Velinx. After a reception, we will visit our secretariat, among other things, and there will be an exclusive tour of the basilica site. Afterwards, there will be a 4 hour commentary on Coronation 2023. If you would like an invitation please give your name and address using the form on our website click here or via .

How do I order grandstand tickets and evening game tickets?

triib 10
As in 2016, a grandstand will be placed on the Leopold Wall in 2023. Those who wish to attend the procession in comfort can purchase tickets for it. They are reserved, numbered seats. The price for a grandstand seat is 15 euros. The evening play is free to attend. We do provide some seating. You can buy tickets for this as well. The price for a seat is 18 euros.

Tour of processional statue starts on Feb. 26

14 Mountain
The 1981 Kroningsfeesten saw the first tour of the statue of grace through the Tongres parishes and villages. After the restoration of the statue of grace, in the late 1990s, by order of the Coronation Committee, , a copy was made . This processional statue is used in the annual fairground procession. It is this processional statue Cause of Our Joy that visits Tonger parishes, residential care centers, the Clares and Vesalius Hospital in February and March. The statue of grace, which dates back to 1479 and stands in the Basilica, only appears at the Kroningsfeesten

The Coronation Package : something for you

If you want to experience Coronation Day in optimal conditions, then a Coronation Package is definitely for you. From previous editions, we learned that not only the business community responded to this package, but certainly also Greater Tongans who want to invite family, friends or acquaintances to the Kroningsfeesten. For those who join the procession, it is an ideal formula to ensure that their guests are well taken care of. The arrangement guarantees a beautiful Coronation Day.
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