Coronation Newsletter 05 - 2021


Welcome to our 4th Coronation Newsletter. This newsletter is dedicated to May Month - Marian Month. We would like to give you a first with this newsletter as well. We show you the first Coronation poster of this Coronation edition which will be available during the month of May. We wish you much reading and viewing pleasure.

In May, we put OLV in flowers

Mary 10
Will you join us? Since time immemorial, Greater Tongres, and many others, have brought flowers to the Cause of Our Joy at the beginning of the month of May. Our Lady among the flowers is a familiar sight in Tongeren in May. Corona is also making it difficult, but not impossible, this year. Can't bring your own flowers, no worries : our .....

Place a Coronation Candle with Mary

OLV candle
In the month of May, as well as other months of the year, the image of grace of Our Lady Cause of Our Joy is surrounded by candles. We now offer you the opportunity to have a nine-day candle or novena candle lit remotely as well. You can order a candle in our web shop and we will arrange for your candle to be placed by the statue of grace.

Join the Coronation Procession

Don't wait for board members of a processional group to come to you. Take the initiative yourself and sign up. More than 800 new participants have already gone before you. On the page processional groups you will find an overview of all groups. Per procession group you can click through for more information about your chosen group. Not only can you find more explanations and pictures, but you can also sign up yourself.

The new Coronation poster

We want to use this Coronation poster especially in Greater Tongeren and in the new deanery of Tongeren (Bilzen, Hoeselt, Riemst, Tongeren, Voeren). In this way we want to sensitize everyone to make the Coronation 2023 a big party together. Of course, in this way we will also make the Kroningsfeesten known to tourists visiting Tongeren and Haspengouw. Also our new coronation theme
#Search connection can be found on the poster. For those who want to learn more about this or the Coronation 2023, please refer to the Coronation website. Free posters can be obtained from May 20 at the basilica, among other places.

Fioretti seeks employees

It is a tradition that during the Coronation celebrations in the Tongers Beguinage, the merry folk play Fioretti is performed. This open-air spectacle deals with the fortunes of Friar Juniperus, disciple of St. Francis. The Fioretti it was first performed at the 1981 Coronation. So we now count the 7th edition at the following Kroningsfeesten

Coronation sticker

The first print run of Coronation stickers is up. But the new stickers are here : slightly larger and with a white band so they are even more visible. You can get these stickers for free at the basilica, at Press shop Maastrichterstraat 75, at hhe Poske Sint-Truiderstraat 14, at Op't Eynde Bakery Grote Markt 39, at Boulet Sint-Truiderstraat 1 and at Vroonen Home Sint-Truidersteenweg 8.

Coronation on Radio BOO

Radio BOO, the radio for Southeast Limburg, broadcasts a fortnightly interview about the Coronation preparations. On Monday evening at 8:45 p.m. and on Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. On April 5, it was headlined by the chairman of the Coronation Committee Peter Severijns. The following broadcast it was Dean Reynders' turn. You can listen to Radio BOO on 107.3 in the Tongeren region, on 105.1 in the Bilzen region and on 107.1 in the Lanaken region and via their website. You can also listen to the interviews on our Coronation website.
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