Coronation Newsletter 09 - May 2022


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Welcome to our 9th Coronation Newsletter. Thursday, May 5, is our 2nd lecture as part of the Coronation theme # search connection. We had to provide a new speaker, Karel Malfliet, as a last resort because the first speaker was double booked. May month is Marian month par excellence. In Tongeren, the Cause of Our Joy is traditionally set in a sea of flowers. We show you beautiful pictures taken on May 1. Furthermore, we have lots of little facts and figures, we tell you about the Coronation Flag, pilgrimages and you can also read Coronation Magazine 2 here. We wish you much reading pleasure.

Karel Malfliet May 5 1TP6Search connection with nature

Because Steven Vromman double-booked, which we only very recently had to find out for ourselves, we had to look for another speaker to explain the theme #search connection with nature. Karel Malfliet was immediately willing to help us with this.
Karel Malfliet is an agricultural and tropical agriculture industrial engineer. He started his career in youth work, as a staff worker for cadre reform at KLJ. Afterwards he worked for Broederlijk Delen and Welzijns-zorg in Oost-Vlaanderen and as national campaign manager of Broederlijk Delen. Today he is active at Ecokerk.

News from the Coronation preparations

did you know that
Did you know that
- the distribution of Coronation magazines is done by a 140 volunteers.
- the Coronation Committee will provide all these volunteers with fluorescent vests so that the begging can be done safely.
- on this fluorescent jacket is the logo of the Coronation festivities so that our beggars are also at that time ambassadors of the Coronation 23.
- the St. Truider Street street committee organized a wine tasting evening to get the necessary money in the trough.
- the garments of Our Lady in each

Wanted (young) participants

Some of our processional groups find it difficult to do other than recruit only from young people. We are thinking of the Flag Group, the Angels of the Nativity, the Mission, the Noble Knights and the Singing Virgins. We therefore make a warm appeal to young people and their parents to join these groups. From experience

The new Coronation Flag

A new Coronation year presupposes a new Coronation Flag. That is the Tongan tradition! And it is a good tradition. The processional groups put on new clothes, so why not the street decorations as well. The Coronation Flag 2023 is a gem. It is a flag centered on Mary in connection with the Infant Jesus. Two colors dominate the Coronation Flag : the color gold : sparkles, is

Cause of Our Joy in Sea of Flowers

Since time immemorial, Greater Tongres, and many others, have brought flowers to the Cause of Our Joy at the beginning of the month of May. Our Lady among the flowers is a familiar sight in Tongeren in May, also in 2022. The Cause of Our Joy stands in a sea of flowers, and then there are flowers left over so that even

Pilgrimage to Mary May 21

Tongeren is known not only as the "oldest or first city of Belgium" but also as the first Marian site north of the Alps. For centuries pilgrims have come to Tongeren to honor Mary. At the Kroningsfeesten in 2009, the initiative was taken to revive the "pilgrimage to Mary. At the close of the Kroningsfeesten, the day of the Light Procession, a pilgrimage was organized during the day from Maastricht. Thus the link was made

Read Coronation Magazine 2 here

Over the next 2 weeks the new Coronation Magazine will be distributed by more than 140 volunteers in Greater Tongres. In this second magazine we pay attention to the recruitment of participants for the procession and the evening game. We also inform you about the work on the basilica tower. We highlight the Coronation theme # search connection and we show you the new Coronation flag. The magazine also contains many facts about the Coronation groups and looks back at the Kroningsfeesten of 99, 55 and 20 years ago. And then there are
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