Coronation Newsletter 06 - December 2021


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Welcome to our 6th and also last Coronation Newsletter of 2021. Even though we were faced with a lot of corona issues in 2021, preparations for Coronation 2023 remain on track. In this newsletter, you can witness this. We also want to inform you about the beautiful nativity scene in the basilica, the peace light and the Christmas celebrations. We hope you enjoy reading and watching.

Already more than 2,000 participants, what about you?

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Despite corona, the boards of the Coronation Procession Groups have not been idle. The result of their efforts can be seen. Today we already count more than 2000 participants ! The procession groups Visit, Shepherds, Farewell and Wedding have already reached their predetermined number of participants. Other processional groups are still looking for additional members.

Coronation facade garden

coronation facade gardens
The city of Tongeren is going to encourage downtown residents to create a Coronation facade garden following the Kroningsfeesten 2023. Building a garden like this is free for residents. Those who think their property qualifies for a coronation facade garden, can apply until January 14, 2022 at

Coronation Youth

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A group of committed young people from the Tongeren deanery (Tongeren, Hoeselt, Bilzen, Riemst, Voeren) want to organize various activities for children, adolescents and young adults leading up to the Kroningsfeesten. You will also hear from them during the Coronation Week itself. Their first activity was scheduled for Dec. 28. But ... corona thought otherwise. However, the young people are not sitting back. they are already working hard to

March 10, #Search connection - Peter Adriaenssens

In the context of the Coronation Theme 2023 1TP6Search Connection, we are organizing a lecture series. On Thursday, March 10, Peter Adriaenssens will come to VIIO Tongeren (Sint-Truidersteenweg 17). Peter Adriaenssens will speak there about connection with those close to you. Peter Adriaenssens is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and senior lecturer at KU Leuven. He has written numerous books

Christmas Day TV mass from Tongeren at TV-Limburg

deanery Tongeren 3

Christmas Day Saturday, Dec. 25, the 10 a.m. Eucharist celebration in the basilica will be broadcast live by TV Limburg. Bishop Patrick Hoogmartens will preside at this Eucharistic Celebration. This Eucharist will be celebrated by the Schola Gregoriana Feminea and the Kleine Cantorij, who will be musically supported by the Collegium Musicum and by titular organist Luc Ponet.

Peace Light

peace light4 (2)
Every year at the beginning of December, a child ignites the Peace Light in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Then this light travels by plane to Austria without extinguishing the flame. Then people pass the light to each other all over Europe and meanwhile far beyond. For the fourth year in a row, the Peace Light was
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